Body Oil
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Body Oil

Rejuvenating and refreshing.

Linden blossom, coriander, lemon, mint.

Feel your brilliance. These nourishing oils revitalize skin with a blend of deeply moisturizing jojoba and sunflower oils, plus antioxidant-enriched safflower and Vitamin E for a double dose of age-defying benefits. Perfectly lustrous, the oils quench and transform thirsty skin, imparting a delicate cashmere feel, an irresistibly sexy sheen, and an elegant scent. Apply after sun exposure to soothe and prevent sun damage. Use daily to prevent the signs of aging and restore skin’s soft, sexy glow. 


Hydrating Elixir Spray
8.4 fl oz / 248 ml

JOJOBA OIL  – A hydrating wax compound that absorbs quickly, with a non greasy feel and long lasting moisturizing properties due to its similarity to human skin;  when used in the hair, jojoba increases softness and manageability, protects hair from the elements, and adds brilliance and shine


VITAMIN E – Potent antioxidant vitamin, offers a host of benefits when used every day as well as directly after sun exposure; protects skin from cancer-causing free radicals and sun damage, promotes skin cell regeneration, helps wrinkle reduction


SAFFLOWER OIL — Moisturizer rich in skin-soothing linoleic acid and Vitamin E

SUNFLOWER OIL – Moisturizer rich in emollient linoleic and oleic essential fatty acids

Exhilarating top notes of coriander, linden blossom, and mint complement heart notes of refreshing lemon and soothing blue chamomile, making this rejuvenating scent sparkle like the cool waters of the Mediterranean.   

For glowing skin spray in your hands and apply evenly.


For extra dry skin, mature skin, or in dry climates mix Body Oil with Lotion before applying. This gives skin an additional dose of Vitamin E. Put Lotion in your palm, then spray Oil on top. Mix products in your palms and apply.


For a hydrating hot oil treatment heat Oil and apply to hair and scalp, leaving it in for 5-10 minutes. To rinse, apply Mandarin Shampoo and work through the hair before wetting and rinsing.

Combine Oil and Bath Salts in the palms of your hands to create a vigorous, nourishing body scrub with Vitamin E and detoxifying Epsom salt, focusing on dry or rough areas such as heels, elbows, and knees.


This Body Oil is fully compatible with other scents and products in the ZENTS collection… there is no wrong combination. Some of our favorites:




In the desert, a flower blooms… The jojoba tree flourishes in the desert, where the sun’s fiery brilliance brings one of nature’s finest skin softeners to life. Like an oasis, our rich Body Oil elixir returns parched skin to its most radiant form. Jojoba quenches and enlivens the body, capturing thousands of years of expertise into one healing moment. Nurture your skin and unveil your most luminous self. Your light is breathtaking.

With skin still damp from your bathing ritual, apply Oil to your body, imagining your skin as a stunning garden being tended to by the most loving of gardeners, you. With each application, connect to your innate goodness. Your skin is luminous, reflecting the light of your spirit from the inside out. Take a deep breath. Hold it at the top of the inhale for a brief moment. Close your eyes and feel the fullness of your being as it blossoms. You are radiant. You are glowing.

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Free From: Phthalates ∙ Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate Propylene Glycol ∙ Parabens ∙ Always Cruelty Free
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