Balancing Shampoo
MANDARIN shampoo

Balancing Shampoo


Warm and invigorating.

Ginger, mandarin, cardamom.

Feel your energy. This renewing color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo uplifts and balances all hair types. Packed with moisturizing avocado oil, luster-boosting Vitamin B5, body-enhancing sea kelp, and antioxidant green tea, ZENTS nourishing shampoo leaves hair soft, full, and brilliantly shiny. Extracts of chamomile, lavender, and grapefruit soothe and balance, for a healthy scalp and beautifully luminous hair.

Balancing Shampoo
13.1 fl oz / 387 ml


Our color-safe Shampoo, and our entire collection of products, is sulfate-free.


AVOCADO OIL – Highly effective nourishing oil with amino acids, nutrients, and Vitamin E to hydrate the scalp, prevent dandruff and dry skin, and maintain healthy hair follicles 


SEA KELP – Mineral rich sea vegetable that adds strength, reduces split ends and breakage, and enhances shine


VITAMIN B5 – Prevents graying, promotes hair growth, and thickens hair, giving it body and hold 


GRAPEFRUIT – Tones and refreshes scalp, promotes hair growth


GREEN TEA – Antioxidant, protects from free radicals

This luxuriously gentle sulfate-free formula can be enjoyed by those who are prone to common skin conditions such as eczema, and by those who have sensitive skin and scalp. Ideal for anyone who prefers a gentle alternative to harsh surfactants that can irritate skin.

Apply to wet hair. Lather and work Shampoo completely through the hair and scalp. For additional cleansing power, allow product to remain on hair for two to three minutes before rinsing. 

For a hydrating hot oil treatment heat Body Oil and apply to hair and scalp, leaving it in for 5-10 minutes. To rinse, first apply ZENTS Mandarin Shampoo and work through the hair before wetting and rinsing. 


This Shampoo is fully compatible with other ZENTS scents. It is 100% clash-proof, for a beautiful multisensory experience. Enjoy it with Water Conditioner, or any other gently scented bath and body product in the collection.


Please recycle the bottle after use. 

Cleansing and nourishing your hair is a sacred act of love that uplifts your whole being. It affirms the truly exquisite, magnificent creature you are. Feel your energy with each breath. The world is yours. 

Invigorate your mind with a stimulating scalp and head massage during your Shampoo and Conditioner ritual. Feel your fingertips press into the top, sides, and back of your head. Find your way to your ears and begin to massage and gently press. Feel tension melt away. Consciously light your inner spark. Feel it glow and radiate outward. You are brilliant. You are beautiful.  

Complete your ritual
Free From: Phthalates ∙ Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate Propylene Glycol ∙ Parabens ∙ Always Cruelty Free
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