Shower and Hand Wash
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Shower and Hand Wash


Soothing and cleansing.

Linden blossom, cucumber, heliotrope.

Feel your radiance. This nourishing body and hand wash drenches the skin with 100% organic shea butter as it removes impurities, for lavishly clean, luxuriously soft skin. Sugar cane and fruit extracts gently exfoliate without harsh particles, unveiling skin’s natural glow. Detoxifying green tea extract and soothing chamomile restore supple, smooth, healthy skin. 


Shea Butter Liquid Lather

8.5 fl oz / 242 ml


ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER – Moisturizer rich in fatty acids, sustainably and ethically hand-harvested from an African
tree nut 

SUGAR CANE, LEMON, ORANGE, APPLE EXTRACTS – Natural exfoliants that remove dead skin cells which can cause skin to look dull and dry 

GREEN TEA – Antioxidant, protects skin from free radicals, anti-inflammatory

CHAMOMILE – Nurtures and restores smooth, supple skin 

Top notes of crisp linden blossom, juicy green apple, and warm lemon, with delicately balanced heart notes of cool cucumber and heliotrope create this light, pure scent and convey a timeless innocence and grace.


This superior Wash is phenomenal for the body and transformative for hands. Our hands are the first to show signs of aging, but shea butter and fruit extracts hydrate and help hands maintain their youthful appearance.  

For a full body exfoliating milk bath, add a few pumps of Wash to warm bath water and soak to exfoliate dead skin cells and leave skin nourished and hydrated. 

Soothe and soften your feet - whether you’re sore from hiking boots or stilettos - by adding a few pumps of Wash and a sachet of Bath Salts to a warm foot bath.

Work product into a rich shea butter lather for a luxurious shave. 

Combine Wash and Bath Salts in the palms of your hands to create an ultra-hydrating shea butter body scrub with fruit extracts and detoxifying Epsom salt.

Please recycle the bottle after use.

Sophisticated lives call for simple solutions. This lavish Wash brings ease to your bath, elegantly fulfilling a complex range of needs, bringing a moment of luxury into an otherwise common daily ritual. May your sink, shower, or shave bring radiance to your skin, and harmony into your life.

Take the simple act of washing your hands and turn it into a ritual of giving thanks.  While you rub your palms together, feel the silky, smooth Wash moisturize and gently exfoliate your palms and fingers. Begin to shift your attention to your breath.  Close your eyes and breathe in for a count of four and breathe out for a count of four. As you inhale, silently repeat, “I am blessed,” and as you exhale, “I am grateful.” Lose yourself in the beauty of this powerful mantra. As the warm water cascades over your hands and arms, imagine rinsing away stress and negativity from your day, just as the Wash cleanses away dirt and impurities. Open your eyes and greet this brand new moment.

Complete your ritual
Free From: Phthalates ∙ Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate Propylene Glycol ∙ Parabens ∙ Always Cruelty Free
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