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7 Surprising Benefits of Exfoliating

Spring is the season of RENEWAL. It’s time to release the old to make room for the new in all areas of your life: Drop the baggage from an old relationship and set the stage for love-at-first-sight. Ditch an unfulfilling job so you can chase your passion.

The same goes for your skin! Exfoliation is the quintessential spring skin care ritual, scrubbing away the dullness that hides your brilliant potential.

Did you know that exfoliation does more than just leave your skin SUPER soft? Our ZENTS skin care experts weigh in to explain the surprising benefits of exfoliating, and the best ways to get your scrub on:

The Benefits of Exfoliating:

  1. Eases tension 

    The act of exfoliation brings your awareness to areas of your body that may not get much attention. From your tense shoulders to your tight calves, a soothing scrub-down is the perfect way to re-energize your skin and your muscles.

  2. Stimulates circulation

    Exfoliation invigorates your skin by bringing blood closer to the surface. Ever notice that rosy glow you get right after a fresh scrub? That’s your increased circulation in action! Improved circulation gives the skin a more youthful appearance and helps reinforce your skin’s natural regenerative processes.

  3. Eliminates toxins

    Why do babies have the softest, sweetest skin? In our youth, our skin naturally detoxifies through a self-exfoliation process called desquamation. As we age, this process slows to a crawl. Exfoliation gives us an opportunity to remove toxins at the surface of the skin quickly and effectively.

  4. Prevents body acne

    Dead skin cells can wreak havoc on our pores, clogging them up and creating the perfect conditions for acne to flourish. In simple terms, exfoliation is the removal of these unwanted cells. One of the key benefits of exfoliating is that it can keep bothersome body acne at bay.

  5. Reduces the appearance of cellulite and brightens skin tone

    While exfoliation won’t make your cellulite magically disappear, it can ease the appearance of unwanted dimples by removing dull cells and plumping the skin. Brighter skin with increased circulation is a natural confidence-booster, especially during swimsuit season.

  6. Encourages collagen synthesis

    Decreased collagen production is one of the main culprits of aging skin. Exfoliation kickstarts collagen production by triggering a very mild inflammatory response on the skin’s surface. Blood rushes to the rescue, bringing along nutrients, oxygen, and other elements necessary to the collagen process.

  7. Helps other skin care products penetrate deeper

    Dead skin is a barrier to the nutrients and hydration your skin needs to look its best. With pores unclogged and old skin cells scrubbed away, your moisturizer, balms, and serums have a better chance at reaching below the surface of your skin where they can work more effectively.

The Ultimate Exfoliation Ritual

Ready to experience the benefits of exfoliating in your own at-home spa ritual? Here’s our tried-and-true recipe to reset your skin:

  • STEP 1: Apply a layer of your favorite ZENTS Body Oil onto dry skin.
  • STEP 2: Gently sweep your favorite exfoliator over the oil for an incredible, age-defying exfoliation experience.
  • STEP 3: Rinse the polish away, revealing glowy, baby-soft skin.

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