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8 Ways Cord Coen Stays Mindful Every Day

You may have heard of mindfulness and the many benefits it can bring to our lives. Simply put, mindfulness is the process of bringing your attention and awareness to the present moment. The best part is, you don’t have to set aside a chunk of your day to sit down and practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is actually a way of living.

Here are 8 ways that ZENTS founder Cord Coen practices mindfulness throughout his day.

Create a morning routine – “My morning routine is very important to me. Developing a consistent morning routine or ritual truly sets the tone for an intentional day ahead. Allowing my body and mind to center themselves before a busy day puts me in a mindful headspace for what lies ahead.”

Practice gratitude – “Our thoughts have the power to change the way our brains are wired. When we are living mindfully, our thoughts naturally facilitate gratitude. Often times it is easy to focus on the negative, so when I focus on the positive by practicing gratitude, I know I’m helping to rewire my brain in a way that makes me feel better and happier.”

Be present/in the moment – “This is the core of mindfulness. When I was in India,  I learned you didn’t have to have your eyes closed in lotus to be mindful. I can practice truly being in the moment at any time. This is a switch we can turn on whenever we want to bring more focus to what we are doing and place the attention of our brain to the action.

Anything we do throughout the day is an opportunity for mindfulness. Here’s an example: While taking a walk, it’s easy to let our minds wander and ruminate on the past or the future. Mindfulness keeps us present in the experience of the walk. We feel our legs moving, feel our feet hitting the ground, feel the cool air on our cheeks. We’re there on the walk, fully present. What a gift to give your mind, to just enjoy that moment!”

Develop a nightly self-care ritual – “Moments of self care are known to bring you back down to the present moment, especially in the evening after a busy day. Soothing aromas and luxurious textures help me bring my all senses into my evening routine.

I usually draw a bath with a few pumps of Wash and two Truffles in my signature aroma (ORE and MANDARIN). I soak and do my best to keep my mind in the moment by noticing each muscle relax in the warm water. Afterward, I apply Lotion and Body Oil all over, adding Concreta to my feet, elbows, neck.”

Healing breath – “Throughout my evening ritual, I practice a breathing method called pranayama. Breath is the source of our prana, or vital life source. Taking deep breaths is one of the best ways to calm the mind and nervous system. Here’s how it’s done:

With eyes open OR closed, start breathing deep down into the belly. Fill your belly and lungs, visualizing the air filling you all the way up to the top of your head. Hold for two seconds, and release as slowly as possible. Repeat this process for 5-10 minutes.” Click here for an in-depth Pranyama demonstration.

Declutter and Disconnect – “An uncluttered space without an excess of possessions will in turn help declutter the mind. I feel most at ease when my surroundings are simplified.

I’m especially intentional with my time on technology. For example, I set limits for social media use and stay mindful about why I am using them, instead of mindlessly scrolling.”

Giving freely – “I try to mindfully give to someone each day. A gift doesn’t have to be a material item. It can be something as simple as a compliment that lifts someone’s spirit. Another favorite is getting coffee for the person behind me in line. The act of giving spreads goodness in the world and also makes us feel good.”

Yoga, yoga, yoga – “There’s nothing better for me to bring body, mind, and breath together. Yoga nurtures mindfulness and presence.”

How do YOU stay mindful, and what benefits have you seen from your mindfulness practice? Please share below, we’d love to chat 💛

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