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9 Tips for Stress-free Travel

Whether you’re a jetsetter headed toward your next adventure or a business traveler off to close a deal, there’s one thing that seems to be universal: stress.

There’s so much about travel that’s out of our control. Will the plane take off on time? Will your Uber get a flat tire? Will hotel accommodations meet your requirements? Travel anxiety is REAL, friends.

Enjoy this self-care checklist to help you relax your mind for a stress-free travel experience:

  1. Have a good morning

    Stress-free travel requires a serene start. Make time for morning rituals that set you up for a peaceful day. For example, ZENTS founder Cord Coen fills his mornings with mindfulness by rising early to meditate, preparing his healing drink, and setting his intentions.

  2. Beautify your packing checklist

    You can’t count on every hotel to provide spa-grade body care essentials. Pack your own by transferring your favorite lotions and cleansers into travel size containers (3oz or less). Avoid messy perfume spills by taking a travel-friendly fragrance like Attar, which closes securely and won’t take up precious real estate in your carry-on.

  3. Nourish and hydrate your body

    When we’re a little worn-down and stressed out, sugary foods and caffeine can be EXTRA tempting. However, nutrient-dense snacks like nuts and fresh fruit are your best bet to help you power through a day on the road without feeling sluggish. And of course, drink PLENTY of water.

  4. Stretch and move

    Get your blood circulating before you’re stuck in your seat for hours. Take a brisk walk, or even try some airport yoga poses. Moving your body before a long trip can even help prevent any post-flight soreness you may normally experience.

  5. Name your travel anxiety

    There’s a lot to worry about on a trip, such as fear of flying, separation anxiety, or the financial burden of traveling. Anxiety can make us feel irritable, overwhelmed, or scattered. It can help to identify what areas of traveling are causing distress, so you can take action to soothe your fears.

    ZENTS devotees swear by Zen Blend, an oral tonic that we like to call our “stress-relieving happy juice.” Organic flower essences like lavender, star tulip, and manzanita work to promote feelings of calmness in any situation.

  6. Expect the unexpected

    It’s almost guaranteed that things won’t go exactly according to plan when you travel. A little preparedness can go a long way when you meet a bump in the road:

    • Research transportation options at your destination, in case you need a backup.
    • Organize your travel itinerary
    • Confirm your hotel accommodations in advance
    • Have a financial backup, such as a spare credit card, in case your accounts are compromised or you need to make an emergency purchase.

  7. Stay mindful

    It’s always easy to get wrapped up in the future, but even more so while you’re traveling. Staying in the moment can make a world of difference. Listen to a great podcast, read a book, or just relax your body and enjoy your surroundings.

    A long flight is a great time to practice pranayama, or healing breath. This breathing ritual is guaranteed to relax you in under 3 minutes.

  8. Mid-air self care

    Imagine stepping off a long flight looking more refreshed than you did while boarding! One of our ZENTS team’s favorite beauty hacks is to apply an intensive moisturizer to your hands, lips and under-eye area during the flight. UNZENTED Concreta rebuilds your moisture barrier with organic shea butter and plumps weary skin with paracress plant extract.

  9. Make time for yourself

    After a long day of traveling, your body and soul will crave some care. For the ultimate post-travel indulgence, try a long bath with decadent bath truffles to soothe your body and rebalance your mind. You can also use self-massage to ease clenched muscles and combat tension headaches.

We hope these stress-free travel tips will help relax your body, mind, and soul during your next trip. What’s your secret to staying zen on the go? Leave us a comment, we’d love to chat!

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