Each of our aromas is a liquid memory, created for a person or place we love. While each blend was inspired by an experience, aroma is ultimately deeply personal. ZENTS’ fully compatible aromas bloom on the skin as they react with your personal chemistry. You bring the aroma alive and make the essence unique to you. You are the final ingredient. Select a single aroma or blend a bespoke aroma with two or more to create a liquid memory of your own. Watch the videos below to learn more about each aroma and discover which ones resonate with you.

Anjou Collection

Uplifting & Happy

Inspired by a French countryside picnic, its faint aroma of ripened, sun-soaked pears floats in the breeze, mingling with a delicate bouquet of jasmine and geranium. Warm, creamy notes of vanilla bean balance green and golden aromas of basil and wild mimosa.

Earth Collection

Strengthening & Clean

Inspired by the life affirming, grounding strength of the mountains, The Earth Collection is a clean and calming blend, rooted in notes of sandalwood and fir needle. Top notes of bergamot and bay leaf give this gentle aroma the air of spring blooming in the forest.

Fig Collection

Velvety & Seductive

The Fig Collection captures the essence of an autumn romance in Paris. Heady and seductive clove buds flirt with spicy cinnamon and earthy vetiver for a sexy-strong base. Sensual cognac and bright pimento berry add a warmth and roundedness to this bold blend.

Fresh Collection

Soothing & Innocent

Powdery linden blossoms are revitalized with a splash of crisp cucumber and a squeeze of lemon to offer a top note reminiscent of a cotton drying on the line. Musky ambrette and sweet heliotrope give the Fresh aroma it’s soothing base notes.

Mandarin Collection

Warming & Exotic

Inspired by a stroll through the oriental spice markets of the East, the Mandarin blend features exotic base notes of freshly ground ginger, nutmeg and cardamom while floral-fruity mandarin, creamy vanilla bean and the King Of Spices, Saffron, deliver well-rounded warmth.

Oolong Collection

Energizing & Sophisticated

The artful sophistication of an Asian tea ceremony captures the mood of The Oolong Collection, a crisp yet grounding aroma that balances bold citrus notes of lime blossom, petitgrain and bergamot with calming herbal notes of lavender and oolong tea.

Ore Collection

Euphoric & Sexy

The night is young and the mood is electric with The Ore Collection, a provocative blend of intoxicating orris and sensual ylang ylang. Notes of bay laurel, black pepper and clove give this best-selling aroma a spicy kick.

Petal Collection

Soft & Romantic

A morning stroll through a spring garden, when buds begin to flirt with bloom and the day feels new. This is the spirit of The Petal Collection, a delicate floral aroma infused with the freshness of spring. Lily of the valley, rose absolute and tonka bean give this blend its heart, while a dash of lemon gives it a glistening top note.

Sun Collection

Calming & Sensual

During the Golden Hour, a warmth envelopes the skin and all stress melts away. You are home. This is the inspiration for The Sun Collection, a warm and buttery blend of vanilla, sandalwood and amber, laced with top notes of blood orange and grapefruit that linger long after the sunset.

Water Collection

Refreshing & Renewing

As crisp and cool as the Mediterranean Sea, The Water Collection is an invigorating aroma featuring deep base notes of blue chamomile and coriander. Splashes of lemon, mint and anise give this aroma its sparkle.