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Concreta: Your Solution to Cracked Skin and Winter Dryness

There’s plenty to love about winter. It’s the season to hit the slopes by day, and cuddle around the fireplace by night. Unfortunately, one major downside of the season is dry, cracked skin—leaving your skincare routine in need of a major boost. Not to worry: Concreta to the rescue!

Why is winter so hard on your skin?

  • UV damage, sunburn, and windburn: Because we’re a Colorado company, cold-weather skin care is definitely personal! We’re outdoors skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing all winter. As much as we love our weekends on the slopes, the exposure takes a toll on our skin. There’s sun coming from above, and sun reflecting off the snow from below—a double-dose of UV rays! Plus, those icy winds rip right through your skin’s moisture barrier.
  • Dry indoor air: Whether you’ve got a roaring fireplace or a furnace on full blast, indoor air during the winter is beyond parched. The lack of moisture rapidly dehydrates your skin.
  • Frequent hand-washing: A good scrub is the best way to fend off the cold and flu bugs that spread in the winter months, but your diligence will cost you. Harsh soaps and hot water are a recipe for cracked skin. Ironically, cracked skin caused by trying to keep viruses and bacteria at bay actually gives the germs another opportunity to move in. Yuck!

Where does cracked skin occur?

Exposed skin like fingertips and knuckles are prone to cracking and peeling. Despite being protected from sun and wind, rough skin on elbows, heels and even knees can crack during the winter months. Another common (and particularly painful) location for cracked skin is the lips.

How can Concreta help?

This balm is the bomb! Concreta is a versatile, powerful infusion of nature’s most deeply hydrating ingredients:

  • Organic shea butter: Traps moisture and provides a protective barrier between your skin and the elements
  • Coconut oil: A nutrient-rich natural moisturizer 
  • Paracress plant extract: enhances firmness, elasticity, and hydration

UNZENTED Concreta provides scent-free winter skin care pure enough for sensitive skin and safe for pregnant women, infants, and facial application.

Skin Care Tips: How to apply Concreta

  • Soften Concreta in your palms (the formula will transform from a solid to a liquid) and massage into hands, elbows, knees, heels, and anywhere else that needs to be quenched and protected! 
  • For a hydration boost, apply Concreta and then cover hands or feet with gloves or socks overnight.
  • Dab it onto your lips for one smooth set of kissers 😘

Ready to banish dry, cracked skin?

ZENTS founder Cord Coen even uses Concreta as a hair product! Do you use Concreta in a unique way? Share your self-care secrets below 💛

Image by Jess Wang of @itsjessarchive

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