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How to Relax Your Mind and Body with Self-Massage: Tips from a Massage Therapist

Fun fact: our ZENTS team is made up of former spa professionals from several different areas of the spa industry. Our products are in over 200 spas across the globe, and many of our devotees were introduced to ZENTS during a relaxing, luxurious massage service.

We can’t always sneak off to our favorite spa for a massage, but we can recreate the experience with a calming, indulgent self-massage using spa-grade ZENTS products.

Here’s how to relax your mind and body with professional self-massage tips from Kirra, our certified massage therapist and Senior Director of Sales and Education:

  • Under pressure:  Relieve headaches using a pressure point right between the thumb and pointer finger. Press firmly and hold for one minute. This pressure point activation can relieve headaches and even lower stress levels!

    Follow with a soothing layer of Probiotic Lotion, massaging outwards from your palm to your fingertips.

  • Soak it up: Draw a steamy bath with your favorite Bath Truffles and a few pumps of Wash. Place a warm, damp washcloth on the edge of the tub where the base of your skull rests. Rock your head from side to side, using the cloth to apply gentle pressure. This relieves tension from the head and neck.

  • Feet first: ZENTS Bath Truffles create a deluxe, detoxifying foot bath experience. Drop a truffle into hot water and let your feet soak. Epsom salts and Himalayan sea salts work to detox your body through the soles of your feet.

    As your muscles relax, incorporate a detoxifying reflexology massage. Reflexology draws upon centuries of ancient wisdom from healers around the globe. A deep connection with our feet allows us to care for the very foundation of who we are, bestowing health and wellness to our entire body.

    Check out these helpful videos that demonstrate reflexology points on the foot. Apply Concreta after your soak to incorporate hydrating winter skin care into your reflexology session.

  • On the ball: Place a tennis ball or lacrosse ball between a wall and your back, positioning the ball between your shoulder blades. This is a problem area for most people who have back issues and work at a desk or spend lots of time in the car.

    Roll the ball firmly between your shoulder blades on either side of your spine to work those sore muscles. Follow with antioxidant-rich Body Oil to smooth and moisturize the skin.

  • Mind over matter: It’s important to learn how to relax your mind along with your body. Mindfulness brings your consciousness to each of these self-massage techniques, so your mind and body can fully relax and experience the benefits.

    As your tension slips away, focus your mind on the sensations in your body, the aromas of your ZENTS products, and the awareness of the lovely gift you’re giving yourself.

Self-massage is a wonderful way to honor the miracle of YOU. We hope these tips bring you relaxation and healing 💛💛

Photography by Virgit Canaz

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