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Our Favorite Layered Fragrance Combos for Spring

What is the scent of springtime? Dew on morning flowers? Sunshine after a rain shower? Something about the way these aromas awaken our senses fills us with joy and excitement for the season of renewal.

Mother nature has it figured out: layered fragrances create a magical, unique experience that makes us feel amazing. Our ZENTS aromas are all made to be blendable, so you can create the bespoke scent that reflects your personality and captures the essence of YOU.

Blending tips

Layering fragrances doesn’t necessarily mean you’re spraying on two different perfumes. It’s a subtle art that is 100% crafted by you, for YOU. Here are our favorite mixing methods:

  • ZENTS founder Cord Coen recommends using a Probiotic Lotion in your favorite fragrance and a Body Oil in your second favorite scent for the ultimate hydration duo. If you can smell amazing AND get glowing skin for summer,  that’s a win-win!

  • Concreta balm is like a solid perfume with MAJOR skin benefits. Apply Concreta in one fragrance as your base layer, then add an eau de toilette in another aroma on top. Not only will you create a truly bespoke aroma, it will last longer too! This is one of our most treasured beauty hacks.

  • That lingering fragrance on your skin after a spa day is no accident…you’ve been basking in delicious scents for so long, you can’t help but emanate them. Mimic this effect by immersing your skin in a hot bath with a fragrant Bath Truffle or Wash. Top off the pampering session with a luxurious Attar to create a subtly layered aroma.

  • Spray one fragrance on your neck and another on your wrists. This is a simple way to create a unique fragrance if you’re worried about stacking too much scent in one spot.

  • A tip from the ZENTS skin care experts: If you apply two fragrances in the same area, for example on your wrists, dab (don’t rub) to mix your layered fragrances. The friction caused by rubbing your skin damages delicate fragrance molecules, particularly the top notes of a perfume.

Which fragrances will you combine?

Our favorite springtime scents:

    • Light and powdery with a musky ambrette base, like linens drying on the line
    • Delicate and floral as a spring garden, with rose absolute and a dash of lemon
  • SUN
    • Welcome the warmth with sultry vanilla, sandalwood, and amber, topped with blood orange and grapefruit.
    • A crisp and energizing balance of citrusy lime blossom and petitgrain with herbal oolong and lavender notes

Discover Your Scent

Try our scent quiz to discover your most compatible aromas:

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