Farm to Treatment-Table

It was a hot summer day and the ZENTS team, armed with trowels and wide brimmed hats, set out to the Coen Family Farm to plant seeds in the rich Colorado soil. It was the first of many plantings. Our mission: to sow seeds for biodyamic comfrey, which reduces inflammation and stimulates cell repair.  From four-year-old Luke, who dug holes and drank lemonade to Cord’s mother, Fran, who sprinkled a biodynamic water infusion on the comfrey roots, this was a family affair. As we mindfully placed each plant in the ground, we did so with intention. These plants would sprout, bloom, and be harvested for an amazing purpose… to heal each person they touch. It was yet another dream in the ZENTS legacy.

The road to paradise. The Coen Family Organic Farm in Boulder, CO where ZENTS was born

Organic comfrey planted by the Zents crew using Biodynamic principles.

The Sun Salutations of the Sunflowers, Cord planting..., Little friends on the Coen Farm

The ZENTS Tribe and Farmer Tanya, Cord's sister, Cord's Parents, Don and Fran Coen and Matisse!