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Soothing & Innocent

linden blossom, cucumber, heliotrope, lemon, ambrette

These elegant roll-on perfume concentrates are steeped in the traditions of ancient Persia, where attars were used for anointing. Beyond their allure as beautiful scents, the Attars are a restorative self-ritual, invoking strength, inviting love, and reminding you that you are an exquisite gift.

Feel your power. Attar means “to smell sweet.” These elegant roll-on concentrates are a beautiful way to enjoy a scent pick-me-up anytime throughout the day.  They Attars hold scent close to you without overpowering. Delightfully portable, ideal for travel, airline-compliant, they are ideal companions on your amazing daily journey… from yoga, to lunch with dear friends, to the symphony, to wherever life takes you.

Roll-on Concentrate

.33 oz / 10 ml