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ORE bath salt jar

13 oz | $20.00 $5.00


Bath Salt Jar

Euphoric and stimulating.

Clove, bay laurel, orris, violet, jasmine.

Feel your bliss. This deluxe blend of Epsom and sea salts provides the ultimate in detoxification and restoration. Healing Epsom salts draw out toxins and soothe fatigued, sore muscles, leaving skin soft and revived. Luxurious scent envelops the senses, calms the mind, and enlivens the body.

Epsom and Sea Salt Soak


SEA SALT – Transfers minerals through the skin to reduce fluid retention and increase circulation, allowing skin to look supple and healthy

EPSOM SALT – Detoxifies by drawing impurities from skin to ease muscle pain and soreness, improves circulation, relieves inflammation and itch, softens dry skin

A citrusy top note of bergamot, heady heart notes of orris, violet, and jasmine, and deep base notes of bay laurel, clove, and black pepper make this sexy and intoxicating scent perfect for your wild side.


Regular use of the Bath Salts soothes everyday muscle strains and stresses, promotes healthy circulation, removes toxins that build up in the body, and keeps skin youthful, supple, and soft. Also use Bath Salts to aid with muscle recovery after exercise or massage.

Create a deeply exfoliating hydrating scrub by mixing Bath Salt with Body Oil. Put Salts in your palm, then spray Oil on top. Mix products in your palms and apply in a circular motion to rough, dry skin such as elbows, knees, and feet. For a gentler exfoliation, use Wash in place of Oil.

Enjoy a nourishing, detoxifying shea butter milk bath by pouring Wash into a warm bath along with the Salts. Light a candle, relax and enjoy.

Please recycle the box after use.

This Bath Salt is fully compatible with other scents and products in the ZENTS collection… there is no wrong combination. Some of our favorites:



For thousands of years water has been used to renew the body. The mysterious dance of the waves awakens a deep and primal sense of calm within us.

Restoration Soak Ritual
Open yourself to renewal through this restorative soak ritual. Draw a warm bath and pour a sachet of salts into the running water. Allow the water to wash over your body. Your cares are lifted as you become weightless. Let go as the water effortlessly lifts you. You feel as though you are part of the water itself, and it is part of you. Feel the release in your muscles as the healing salts quell their tension. Surrender. You are open, you are free.

2 reviews for ORE bath salt jar

  1. Ellen M.

    If you favor the scent of ORE, and like soaking in a hot bath, you will love using the ORE salts. I like my hot tub with ORE salts before bed. The essence of ORE permeates the room as you scoop and sprinkle the bath salts into the water. I use less of the ORE salts than suggested, add 1/2 cup – 1 cup of plain Epsom salts (any drug store), and then add an equal amount of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. I then light a couple of unscented candles, turn off the lights, and slowly submerge myself into the very hot water. The combination of ORE’s aromatherapy quality, the Epsom Salts ability to drawing out impurities, and the distinctive pH balancing properties of baking soda, transforms the water to a therapeutic condition, which will have you instantly relaxed and leave your skin clean and soft. I have nodded off a couple of times.

  2. Carol J G. (verified owner)

    I like to use “Ore” bath salts for a pedicure. The scent is heady and purifying, After the pedi, I toss some into the shower and turn it on for an extra dose of sensory bliss.

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