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UNZENTED body polish

10.25 oz / 303 ml | $36.50

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Discover your softest, smoothest skin with this hydrating UNZENTED Body Polish. Sugar and salt work together to buff the skin to perfection. A rich infusion of shea butter and coconut oil soothes and protects delicate skin from the elements. Luxe UNZENTED Body Polish can be tailored to your every exfoliation need: hands, feet, elbows, knees, and body. Use UNZENTED Body Polish on damp skin for a gentle exfoliation, or use before stepping into the shower for more polish power.


ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER | Shea has been renowned for centuries for its ability to ease wrinkles, fade sun spots, and provide deep hydration.

SUGAR | Sugar granules help to slough dead skin and acts as a natural humectant, drawing moisture to the skin

SALT | Salt granules help to slough dead skin, and the act of rubbing them onto the skin helps increase circulation

COCONUT OIL – One of the most effective natural moisturizers, absorbs easily into skin to prevent dryness, flaking, and cracking of skin

ALWAYS: Cruelty Free, Vegan, Gluten Free
NEVER: Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Petroleum, Dyes, Sulfates, Palm Oil


There are three different ways to use this polish:
1 | Apply to completely dry (or toweled off) skin, using product directly on problem area like elbows, knees, feet. Rinse off.
2 | Polish like the pros! For a five-star polish apply a layer of your favorite ZENTS Body Oil on dry (or toweled off) skin and then apply Body Polish over it. The Polish won’t dissolve on the Oil like it does with water, and this gives you a coarse polish.
3 | For a gentle polish, apply product to damp skin. This provides a mild exfoliation for sensitive skin as the water dissolves the sugar and salt.

Please recycle after use.

9 reviews for UNZENTED body polish

  1. Jenelle

    Hands down my favorite body scrub! I got it at the Woodstock Inn at their holiday event last month! The Zents rep shared with me to get my favorite oil to go with it and to put the oil on my body and then to put the scrub on and I would use less polish and it would last longer. My favorite aroma is Water so got the oil and the polish and I love how my skin smells and feels!

  2. monica

    My new favorite polish!!! My skin is so soft and feels silky and moisturized. The smell is super light and slightly lemony. And no gross oily layer at the top of the jar like a lot of other scrubs I’ve tried. Thank you zents!

  3. Dara w.

    i love how hydrating this polish is. the granules are fine but the polish is mighty! makes my skin feel baby soft.

  4. karina

    We use this in treatment at the spa I work at. THis is my favorite polish out of all of our lines. In treatment its used with a layer of oil on the skin before the scrub – thats my favorite. I use it with the ore oil and my skin is so happy right now.

  5. kmbeckmann7 (verified owner)

    I was gifted the body polish when I was pregnant and now I’m obsessed. It makes your skin feel like baby skin. It’s now part of my shower routine.

  6. shirlschaffermd (verified owner)

    Just tried this unscented body polish and I was delighted that after the sugar and salt wear off or rinse off in the shower, the Shea butter on my skin so that after blotting my skin dry, I could massage the Shea butter into my skin.
    The combination of sugar and salt is more effective than sugar and a lot less irritating than salt.
    I’m sorry that I waited so long to use this product. Got rid of itchy skin, left my skin glowing.

  7. ashleyfield422

    I work in a salon and I love this product, does an amazing job and all my clients love it!

  8. Keisha Barnes

    Excellent product to remove dead skin and its not to harsh. Great to be used in conjunction with the UnZented Concrete

  9. kimberly56560 (verified owner)

    What a great product to smooth and soften your skin! The granules scrub away the dead cells and the shea makes your skin feel like…butter!

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