Professional Exfoliation Techniques to Use at Home

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ZENTS Petal Bath Products


Try one of the ZENTS staffers’ most beloved techniques to achieve healthy, glowing skin… a scrub that is as gentle (just-shaved legs) or powerful (heels) as you need.  We’re lucky to be surrounded by the most talented spa healers in the business who never use a one-size-fits-all approach to exfoliation. They know how to target each unique part of the body so you’re blissfully cared for and sublimely smoothed.

How do they do it? They mix our Detoxifying Bath Salts with our Moistuizing Body Wash for an Exfoliating Body Scrub that leaves your skin soft, hydrated and as smooth as silk.

Try it in the comfort of your home spa:

  1. As you draw a bath, stand in your tub and massage skin with a generous layer of Body Wash, allowing the anti-aging fruit extracts to gently lift away skin cells.
  2. Mix Bath Salts and an additional pump of Body Wash in the hands, tailoring the amount of Salt to each skin zone. (Use more Salt on rough, dry heels, and skip the salt entirely on delicate skin.) Exfoliate one zone at a time. Apply product in a circular motion, moving your hands toward the heart.
  3. Immerse yourself in the water, allowing the product to dissolve on its own. Sit back and relax fully as you enjoy a luxurious Epsom and shea butter soak. Add an extra dose of detoxifying Bath Salts to support weary muscles, particularly after exercise or a long day.
  4. Immediately after your bath, massage Concreta into towel-dried skin, focusing on cuticles and heels with intensive, targeted hydration.

Want more? Visit one of our world-class spa partners to enjoy an ultra-hydrating ZENTS treatment. Find A Spa