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Radiate Warmth All Season With This Winter Skin Care Treatment

Winter is upon us. The nights are growing longer, the air is frigid and dry, and feelings of stress can build as the holidays approach. We need nourishing body AND soul care more than ever this season. Here’s our tried-and-true winter skin care treatment, and how to turn it into a restorative nightly ritual.

  1. Get in the mood: Your skincare routine should be something you enjoy. This ritual is intended to bring mind, body, and beauty benefits; so be present in the moment and know that this time is for YOU.
  2. Use nourishing products: Products formulated with parabens, phthalates, and other chemicals actually leave skin even drier than before. Your parched winter skin needs luscious, soothing ingredients and clean formulas to restore its softness. Here are our favorites:
    • Body Polish: Sugar and salt buff away dry skin while coconut oil and rich organic shea butter lay a soothing blanket of moisture on top.
    • Quench: Concreta balm uses powerful moisturizing agents plus plumping and firming Paracress Plant Extract for intensive deep conditioning plus age defying benefits. Mix with Body Oil for its deeply hydrating safflower oil and Vitamin E infusions.
    • Probiotic Lotion: Vegan probiotic peptides and hyaluronic acid join forces with shea butter and antioxidant-loaded organic lotus flower to protect, hydrate, and regenerate soft and supple skin.
  3. Apply mindfully: An effective winter skin care treatment is a lot like a recipe. Each component must be added at the right time and in the right way to achieve delectable results. Here’s our winter skin care recipe:
    • STEP 1: Spritz a layer of Body Oil in your most beloved aroma all over your body.
    • STEP 2: Apply Body Polish over Body Oil *before* stepping into the shower. Scrub away at your rough edges until you feel the shea butter beginning to absorb and soften your skin.
    • STEP 3: Rinse.
    • STEP 4: Apply Probiotic Lotion while skin is still damp.
    • STEP 5: Mix Concreta and Body Oil and apply to elbows, knees, heels, and any other areas in need of an extra dose of hydration.
  4. Take 10: Stress negatively impacts the skin by increasing cortisol, which causes a whole host of unfavorable reactions. To combat the effects of stress, get comfortable and relax with intention for 10 minutes if you can. This is a great time to try healing breath, or Pranyama, for inner wellness.

Winter skin care AND soul care are within your reach. Enjoy and cherish your new ritual!

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