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Radical Healing With ZENTS Founder, Cord Coen Part 1

Are you ready to invite healing into your life? In this series, Cord will be sharing techniques he learned while living in India that healed his body and brain and ultimately changed his life. Now is the time to give yourself some love. You deserve it!

Cord’s Wellness Hacks

As a company we see there is an epidemic in our lives. Our family and friends are stressed out, overworked and overwhelmed. Many of us are helping others achieve wellness, but we are not always doing this for ourselves. ZENTS founder, Cord Coen, invites you to look at how you are living your life in a way that will bring about more balance and peace.

Before diving in, we invite you to check out Our Story Here, and how ZENTS began with founder Cord Coen’s life changing car accident and his miraculous recovery in India. Then treat yourself to Part 1 of Cord’s Wellness Hacks. His inspiring healing journey is a powerful reminder that each and every one of us can reach our full potential.

You Are A Miracle

We are made of stardust. All of the elements that make up the universe also make us. We are incredibly expansive and connected. Every cell in our bodies is constantly regenerating; 98% of the atoms in our bodies are replaced every year. That means that today you are a completely new person compared to yourself on this day last year. The new science of Epigenetics, which is the study of how our genes express themselves, shows that up to 80% of our genetic expression is under our direct control with diet, lifestyle, and most importantly our words and beliefs. What was once believed to be in the hands of the genetics passed down from our parents, is now in our hands. Healing our brain and bodies, once believed by medical science to be impossible 20 years ago, is now proven to be possible. DNA and a diagnosis is NOT your destiny, and we have more control than we ever dreamed possible to change our health and our lives.

The Power Of Words

My teacher in India always stressed the importance of feeding our body and mind with good thoughts. He would share with me that either you control your thoughts or your thoughts control you. There is a practice in India where you pick a word or a phrase (In India this is called a Mantra) and repeat this over and over throughout the day to control your thoughts and focus on something positive instead of letting random thoughts flood your mind. For example, you could say the word Love or Peace over and over and have your brain focus on this instead of the negative things it tries to feed on.

There are now many studies that are showing the power our words have over our brain and body. One of my favorites is from a Japanese Doctor and Scientist named Dr. Emoto. He studied how our words effect water by studying it under a microscope. When frozen, water that’s free from all impurities will form beautiful ice crystals that look exactly like snowflakes. His studies showed that when a negative word was spoken the shape of the water yielded misshapen clumps that looked like polluted or diseased water. When a positive word was spoken, the shape of the water looked like beautiful, symmetrical snowflakes.

Love, Peace, and Gratitude

This is powerful new information for Epigenetics and also our health. We are 70% water and now we have the power to change the water that makes up our being with positive words. On that note, I would like for you to write down the words Love, Peace, and Gratitude where you need to see and hear these words the most and where you have the most negative self talk. Is it in the mirror when you are getting ready, in the car, or at your desk? Wherever it is, place the written words there and repeat them when you need it. Use them to remember what an unbelievable miracle you are and that you have the power to change your physical and mental health.

Love, Peace & Gratitude


3 thoughts on “Radical Healing With ZENTS Founder, Cord Coen Part 1

  1. Cord! I love this so much!!! Thank you for sharing!!! You are such a beautiful soul & such an inspiration. Sending you tons of love!

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