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Radical Healing With ZENTS Founder, Cord Coen Part II

Are you ready to invite healing into your life? In this series, Cord will be sharing techniques he learned while living in India that healed his body and brain and ultimately changed his life. Now is the time to give yourself some love. You deserve it!

Cord’s Wellness Hacks

As a company we see there is an epidemic in our lives. Our family and friends are stressed out, overworked and overwhelmed. Many of us are helping others achieve wellness, but we are not always doing this for ourselves. ZENTS founder, Cord Coen, invites you to look at how you are living your life in a way that will bring about more balance and peace.

Before diving in, we invite you to check out Our Story Here, and how ZENTS began with founder Cord Coen’s life changing car accident and his miraculous recovery in India. Then treat yourself to Part 2 of Cord’s Wellness Hacks. His inspiring healing journey is a powerful reminder that each and every one of us can reach our full potential.


Breathing exercises called Pranayama were the most important aspect of my recovery in India. It is the most powerful medicine I have ever seen and it was a crucial part of healing my brain injury and body. I also saw Pranayama heal many ailments in others such as: severe depression, anxiety and a wide range of diseases. What is so amazing is that this medicine is FREE for all and it is with you at all times.

The Power Of Breath Work

Modern Science is now backing the benefits of breath work that has been practiced since ancient times. The specific technique I was taught has now been proven to promote Neurogenesis, which is the creation of new neurons in the brain. This is radical and groundbreaking news for those with any brain ailments and even for growing older. Breath work also:

  • Lowers the heart rate.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Strengthens your immune system.
  • Allows us to access the pre-frontal cortex of our brain, which is the most evolved part of our brain that crates harmony, love and connection. This part of the brain also helps us see US instead of THEM and solve problems.
  • Is the quickest proven technique to reduce stress and bring us out of fight or flight response.

Healing Breath

Most of us don’t have hours a day to meditate on the banks of the Ganges in India or to go on a month long meditation retreat. So I am going to teach you very simple, easy techniques that you can use all day. Every day. With your loved ones, at work, in meetings, emailing, driving (with your eyes open)…and even right now!

  • First, let’s make sure we are breathing properly. Studies show that most of us only breathe from our heart up or we are holding our breath throughout the day: when we are emailing, texting or listening to others.
  • So first, let’s breathe through our noses. All the way down to the bottom of our belly.  Make sure not to suck your belly in and to fill your stomach up with air and push it out. Notice the cool sensation of the air in your nostrils as you breathe in and the warm sensation when you are breathing out.
  • Next, elongate your breath and have it be 6 seconds in, hold for one second and 6 seconds out.
  • Repeat for 3-10 minutes.

Know that this healing breath is flooding your system with oxygen and detoxing your body, because disease cannot grow in an oxygen rich environment. This practice sends biological signals to your nervous systems to relax and that you are safe and protected. Isn’t it incredible that this simple practice has the power to heal the body and the brain?

To Watch Cord Teach A Comprehensive Pranayama Technique Click Below

Watch Cord explain the power of Pranayama, learn how it helped heal parts of him that doctors said could never recover, and try this practice at home!

Love, Peace & Gratitude


One thought on “Radical Healing With ZENTS Founder, Cord Coen Part II

  1. Thank you for sharing this powerful technique for healing. Our breath is so important and most of us do not breath enough oxygen into our lungs and if we have a well oxygenated “disease” can not exist!

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