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Scent Hacks: Expert Tips for Long Lasting Perfume

There are some things that we wish could last forever: Love. Vacation. Cell phone batteries. And your most treasured fragrance.

Here’s what ZENTS devotees recommend:

  1. Apply perfume right after you step out of the shower
    Timing is everything! Spritz or roll on your fragrance right after bathing when your skin is clean and your pores are open. Warm, damp skin will naturally soak up the aroma and diffuse it all day long. Apply an unscented moisturizer before or after (like our UNZENTED Probiotic Lotion, Body Oil or Concreta) to help your fragrance “stick.”

  2. Apply scent to your hair
    It’s easy to make your fragrance the “mane” attraction! Your hair is quite porous and retains aromas naturally. While anything containing alcohol can be overly drying to your locks, there are ways to safely add long lasting perfume to your strands:

    EAU DE TOILETTE: Add to your hairbrush and smooth over your hair. While the scent will be lighter, this method will help prevent damage from alcohol.
    Shop Eau de Toilette

    CONCRETA: This intensive balm doubles as a solid perfume in your favorite aroma, and it’s nourishing for your tresses! Melt a bit in your hands and apply to the ends of your hair for an aroma-rich moisture treatment.
    Shop Concreta

    ATTAR: In Persia, the word attar means “to smell sweet.” Roll this sumptuous alcohol-free fragrance oil onto your palms and smooth onto your strands where you need a touch of luster, hydration, and long lasting perfume.
    Shop Attar

  3. Get creative
    Spray your favorite aroma on clothing, sheets, scarves, hats, and more to bring your fragrance to life at unexpected moments. Scent has a powerful impact on our mood, so catching a whiff of your favorite aroma throughout the day might put a little extra pep in your step.

  4. Layer with a moisturizer
    Layering your fragrance with a lotion, balm or body oil helps it last longer by giving your perfume something to grab onto. Well-hydrated skin also absorbs fragrance more readily, lessening the amount of perfume that is lost to evaporation or contact with fabrics and other surfaces.

    As a bonus, you can blend your own bespoke aroma by layering two different fragrances. Try applying Concreta as solid, long lasting perfume in one scent, and layer your Attar or Eau De Toilette in a different scent on top. ZENTS aromas are created to be compatible, so you can create a fragrance that is uniquely yours.

  5. Dab, don’t rub wrists together
    Applying perfume to your wrists, where warm pulse points will diffuse the scent, is a great idea. However, rubbing your wrists together has some consequences. This application method hastens evaporation AND can damage some of the delicate molecules within your perfume, altering or depleting the aroma.

    Instead, try gently dabbing your wrists together after applying perfume, and then let it air dry.

Helping your perfume last longer is simple, the hard part is choosing your favorite fragrance:

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3 thoughts on “Scent Hacks: Expert Tips for Long Lasting Perfume

  1. YAHOO!!!! The comment regarding rubbing your wrist together is my biggest pet peeve.
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told people NOT TO DO THAT!!!

    I want a fragrance with Neroli. Cord I hope it doesn’t give you a migraine,

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