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Soothe Cracked Skin With This Après-Ski Ritual

Winter is no excuse to hibernate indoors. We have slopes to carve, snowshoe treks to conquer, and frosted trails to hike. While being outside rejuvenates your body and soul, the winter elements can take a toll on your skin.

Here’s our winter skin care ritual to soothe dry, cracked skin and red, itchy patches (tested and approved by our Colorado crew!):

  1. Warmth is an inside job:
    After returning from your winter adventure, warm up and hydrate at the same time with a cup of tea. We recommend antioxidant-rich green tea which strengthens your winter immune system AND your skin’s regenerative processes.

  2. Quench Duo to the rescue:
    Rich, ultra-hydrating Probiotic Lotion and nourishing Concreta get to work on your skin like a pair of medics on the scene.

    First, smooth Probiotic Lotion all over and let the hyaluronic acid and organic shea butter soothe any irritations.

    Next, apply Concreta to areas prone to cracked skin (such as hands and heels) for extreme hydration where you need it most.

  3. Save face:
    UNZENTED Concreta is the Swiss Army Knife of skin care products. It can do just about anything!

    Apply this safe, gentle balm to chapped lips for protective relief. You can even dab a bit under your eyes and witness the instant plumping, firming effects of the Paracress Plant extract.

  4. Cover your assets:
    After applying the Quench Duo to hands and feet in the evening, slip on your softest gloves and socks. Wear them overnight.

    Gloves and socks keep the skin warm, opening pores to allow for increased penetration by hydrating super-ingredients. They also provide a buffer between your skin and your sheets, so the Lotion and Concreta have more time to work their magic.

    In the morning, awaken to softened, hydrated skin ✨🙌✨

Winter weather can’t stop the experts at ZENTS as long as we’re armed with nourishing body care products. Founder Cord Coen loves to ski Aspen Mountain and then unwind with a ZENTS-infused treatment at St Regis Resort’s Remède Spa. What’s your favorite winter retreat? Tell us in the comments!

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