Our Formulas

Not only organic, but also Biodynamic® | Our flower essences are grown on a Biodynamic certified farm. Biodynamic is not only chemical free (just like organics) but also pays attention to what plants grow next to each other, making sure they are compatible, that they need different nutrients and are not fighting for the same resources from the soil. They also plant and harvest at very specific times to ensure the plant is at peak potency, and that healing potency in turn goes into you! An easy way to think of Biodynamic is organic, to the next level.

Organic Shea Butter
Sustainable, Ethical

Shea butter comes from an African tree nut. This rich emollient traps moisture, promotes elasticity, protects against sun damage, and fades age spots. Our sustainably hand-harvested shea is purchased through women’s co-ops. The co-ops provide women with income, fair wages, empowerment, and opportunities to support themselves and their families.

Zen Blend
Everyday Stress Relief

Our products are infused with Zen Blend, a proprietary blend of stress-busting flower essences. Every time you use ZENTS on your skin or on a guest’s skin, you get the healing and calming benefits. Our ZEN BLEND features:

LAVENDER Stress relief
STAR TULIP Calm, self-guidance
DANDELION Tension and toxin release
YARROW Strength and resiliency
MANZANITA Centeredness, happiness
SELF-HEAL Wellness and healing

*Flower essences have no aroma.