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The Art of Giving + A First Look at Our Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday shopping can feel stressful at times, but research and experience tell us that it’s all worthwhile. Here’s how gift giving creates an unlimited abundance of love, peace, happiness, and contentment (with a little help from our perfect holiday gift guide!):

  1. Gift giving brings us joy: Looks like money can buy happiness…when it’s spent on others!

    A Harvard study revealed that people who give to others are happier, concluding that “those who reported spending more on others, what the team called “prosocial” spending, reported a greater level of happiness.”

    In fact, even small acts of kindness throughout the day bring significant increases in happiness. Want to test these theories? Go forth and stuff some stockings!

  2. Gift giving promotes connection: While it’s best not to give with strings attached, there is a social reciprocity factor to giving that strengthens our ties to others.

    Feeling connected is central to our mental, physical, and spiritual health. You can feel the benefits of connection when you’re surrounded by your favorite people, or while enjoying a positive group activity like a concert, yoga class, or community event.

    Gift giving binds us closer to our loved ones by encouraging us to turn towards others. Thinking of what might make someone else happy and witnessing their delight helps direct our attention from “me” to “we.”

  3. Gift giving cultivates gratitude: Gratitude is our favorite. In fact, “Love, Peace, Gratitude” is a foundational mantra at ZENTS.

    Why are we so obsessed with gratitude? Because we’re all about healing. Gratitude is proven to reduce stress and increase feelings of positivity, all of which contribute to our wellness.

    Gift giving is the perfect way to nurture gratitude. First, it evokes feelings of gratitude in the giver. Then, it instills gratitude in the gift recipient. When you give a gift, no matter how small, you bestow the bounty of wellness upon yourself and others.

Are you feeling better about your holiday shopping list now? To make the process a peaceful one, we offer this season’s ZENTS Gift Guide, filled with our recommendations on soulful gifts for the dear ones in your life.

And, since giving brings us so much joy, we’re including a complimentary full-size EARTH Probiotic Lotion with each purchase over $75 (use code PEACEONEARTH at checkout)! Read our winter skin care tips to see why this lotion is a must-have.

Shop now through December 15 to receive FREE ground shipping + receive your gifts just in time for Christmas!

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