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The Stress-Relieving Winter Bath Ritual That Actually Works

STRESS. It drains your energy, dampens your spirits, and even leaves its mark on your skin (hello, dry and dull complexion). Combine the harsh winter climate with the bustling holiday season, and it’s no surprise that we’re left feeling depleted and craving renewal.

It seems we can’t get this world to stop turning long enough to take a break. Fortunately, there is one simple way to bring the warm glow back to your skin (and your soul). This bath ritual is full of remedies for dry skin in winter, that soothes your dry, itchy skin and help you soak away the stresses of the season in a short amount of time.

  1. Draw a steaming bath and drop in luxe Bath Truffles + shea and aloe infused Wash.

  2. Set your intention and say it aloud. Your intention is a guiding principle that helps to focus your thoughts where they need to be, For example, you might say “my intention is to find balance” or “my intention is to open my heart.”

  3. Immerse for 10-20 minutes. Breathe deeply and focus on your intention. When your mind wanders (and it will), bring it back to the present moment by noticing the gentle scents and warm waters surrounding you.

  4. Rinse to reveal smooth, silken skin and a rejuvenated spirit.

  5. For added softness, apply Lotion + Body Oil while your skin is still damp.

  6. “Zip” your energy. Imagine that you have a zipper from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head. Envision sealing up your peace and serenity as you slowly “zip” yourself up.

Shop the Ritual

Dry, itchy skin craves nourishing ingredients. ZENTS bath + body products deliver remedies for dry skin in winter and enrich your stress-relief rituals.

  • ZENTS Bath Truffles:
    • Arnica for muscle-melting relaxation
    • Detoxifying epsom salts and pink Himalayan sea salts
    • Luscious, super-softening organic shea butter
  • ZENTS Wash:
    • Drenches with shea butter while cleansing with fruit extracts
    • Organic aloe soothes irritations
    • Leaves skin clean and luxuriously soft
  • ZENTS Body Oil:
    • Coconut and sunflower oils for natural moisturization and ultimate skin-softening
    • Powerful antioxidants from enriched safflower oil and Vitamin E
    • Soothing passionflower
  • ZENTS Probiotic Lotion:
    • Probiotic peptides for smooth, youthful-looking skin
    • Rich organic shea butter (one of the prime remedies for dry skin in winter)
    • Hyaluronic Acid for moisture retention 

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