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What Causes Crepey Skin? How to Combat Crepiness and Age Gracefully

Eartha Kitt wisely said, “Aging has a wonderful beauty and we should have respect for that.” We earned our smile lines with hearty laughter, and our white hairs with deep experiences. While we embrace and honor the privilege of aging, there are some things we’d still like to smooth over. Perhaps the most common questions we hear are: what causes crepey skin? And how can I improve it?

What causes crepey skin?

Crepey skin appears thin and wrinkled, resembling crepe paper. This condition typically occurs on skin that has a high amount of sun exposure, such as our chests. This is due to damage from UV rays, which causes collagen to break down at a high rate.

UV damage is compounded by aging. Collagen production decreases as we age, making it harder for our skin to recover after sun exposure. Additionally, skin dries as we age, which reduces the amount of protective, moisturizing natural oils we produce.

Other crepe-causers are toxins and environmental factors, such as smoking, alcohol, and pollutants. These elements create an excess of free radicals in our bodies, which destabilize the skin’s natural regenerative processes.

So, unless you’ve found the fountain of youth, you are very likely to notice crepey skin somewhere on your body as you age.

Aging gracefully: How to improve skin texture

Fortunately, there are ways to improve the appearance of crepey skin. Here are some suggestions from the skincare experts at ZENTS:

Exfoliate: Exfoliation can make a huge difference for crepey skin by polishing away dead skin cells and stimulating collagen.

Product recommendation: UNZENTED Body Polish
A powerhouse combo of sugar + salt thoroughly buff and rinse away dead skin to reveal a protective coating of shea butter and coconut oil.

Moisturize: Immediately after bathing (while skin is still damp), apply a high-quality moisturizer with ingredients that support renewal and regeneration.

Product recommendation: Probiotic Lotion
Organic shea butter traps moisture to promote elasticity while probiotics and antioxidants provide the building blocks for healthy, youthful skin.

This lotion is a lifesaver! I got a massage at Squaw Valley and I couldn’t believe the improvement in the crepiness of my skin on legs and arms from years of hiking and sun-loving. Try it!”
– ZENTS customer

Vitamin E: Crepey skin practically begs for this super-ingredient! Vitamin E is one of the most potent antioxidants for skin. It protects from UV and environmental damage AND aids in skin cell regeneration.

Product recommendation: Body Oil
Nourish crepey skin with a spritz of lustrous Body Oil, loaded with Vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants.

Gentle Cleansers: Most body washes contain harsh ingredients that strip your skin and exaggerate the appearance of crepey skin.

Product recommendation: Wash
Fruit extracts tenderly exfoliate while organic shea butter and aloe soothe and soften skin. Antioxidants from the lotus flower support the health of your skin cells.

Of course, the most important element to aging gracefully is to care for the body you’ve been given with gratitude. You deserve to glow!


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