Mindful & Kind

We believe in mindfulness in all that we do, and kindness that radiates outward. We mindfully create products that are good for guests and for your team.

Clean Ingredients

We believe in the power of clean ingredients, from organic hand harvested shea butter, organic aloe and organic lotus to flower essences grown on a Demeter-certified Biodynamic® farm.

Cruelty Free

We believe in protecting animals. Our 100% cruelty-free products are happily human-tested on ourselves and our dear friends.

Local & Global

We believe in supporting small local economies, both in our community and around the globe, from women’s co-ops in Africa to small organic and biodynamic farms like our own.

Green Living

We believe in taking care of our planet, using wind energy, LED lighting, recycling practices, working with local suppliers, and FSC sustainable papers.

Giving Back

We believe giving is good. We uplift others through our Seva charitable giving program, through community events and volunteerism.