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Working from Home: The ZENTS Team Shares Tips and Tricks

A great portion of the world has now found itself in a new normal: working from home. We are grateful for the safety of our cocoon; but nevertheless, we find ourselves in an adjustment period.

ZENTS Senior Sales and Education Director, Kirra Lea Wilson, has spent years perfecting the art of working from home. Here are 6 tips and tricks she has learned along the way to help ease you into this new lifestyle.

Find your space – “Turn a nook of your home into an actual office and make sure the space offers good lighting, inspiration, low distraction and the room you need to work. I do not recommend working from a bedroom because hello, NAP TIME. If you live with others, low traffic areas or areas where you can shut the door and get down to business are a plus.”

Create a routine – “Maintain office hours and stick to them, whether your company requires a 9-5 or 8-4, its important to maintain those hours. Working from home is not a vacation, and a late start will only set you back.”

Find your rituals – “When I started working from home I found that not getting in my car and driving to the office made the boundaries of when my day started unclear. I found that having rituals at the beginning of my day, help determine a clear start to the work day. Some ideas that I have played around with are:

  • Light a candle. Light it when you start your work day and put it out when your day is complete. This ritual not only adds some ambiance to the office (and nice aromas) but is a great way to create a clear start and end to your work day.
  • Walk through the door. It sounds strange, but I like to walk out my front door only to walk back in to start the day. It has replaced the act of walking through the office door, and now is the act of walking through my home office door.”

Map out your breaks – “I have found that scheduling breaks in as “reminders” on my schedule has helped me maintain them and stay on track with less procrastination. I also like to schedule in stretch breaks every 2 hours and a 30 min wellness break where I go for a walk with my dog.”

Plan what you will eat – “Snack and coffee breaks can lead to distraction and procrastination! The fridge can totally be a distraction (so can the coffee maker), especially if you have been hoarding snacks during this social distancing time. Plan your lunch and snacks the night before to avoid wasting time browsing your kitchen for what to eat.”

Get dressed and take a shower – “The luxury of working from home is that you can take a zoom call with no pants on and no one would know! But in all seriousness, there is something to be said for getting out of last night’s PJs and putting on something that makes you feel powerful and comfortable after a nice morning shower. This can only lead to a productive day.”

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