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ZENTS Founder Cord Coen Shares His Holiday Stress-Relief Tips

Staying “zen” through the busy, demanding holiday season requires intention and practice. Travel, family visits, shopping, and seasonal events lead to burnout, no matter how much you love this magical time of year. Here’s what I do to stay centered and maintain inner peace through this hectic season.

Cord’s Soul-Care Rituals

  1. GRATITUDE GAME: I begin and end each day by making a list—on paper or in my mind—of what I am thankful for. Anything from my health to someone I love can go on my gratitude list. It might not seem like such a big deal, but doing this simple practice twice a day actually rewires the brain to be more positive and have a greater sense of well-being. A long-term gratitude practice is life-changing! There’s a lot of science to it, too. One of my favorite books is Hardwiring Happiness in which neuropsychologist Rick Hanson explains how a daily focus on the good in our lives helps us rewire our brains in favor of positivity. Gratitude is a game-changer!
  2. YOGA: Yoga strengthens the very important body-mind-soul connection. In the winter season, I move to a slower, deeper yoga such as candlelight yin or vinyasa flow. It’s miraculous how the stress of the day melts away after one of these classes and how I get a brand new perspective on life and work.
  3. ZEN BLEND SPRITZ: This is my “stress-relieving happy juice” and my go-to. The minty and sweet botanical elixir that uplifts and soothes me. With effective ingredients like lavender (for stress relief), star tulip (for calmness), and manzanita (for centeredness), a spritz directly into the mouth or in my tea or water instantly brings me feelings of wholeness and bliss.
  4. SPA NIGHT AT HOME: Making the time to slow down is healing in itself, but I love to combine it with my favorite products. I start by taking a long bath with one or two Bath Truffles to relax my tense muscles and soften my stressed skin. I add a few pumps of shea-enriched Wash which both cleans and hydrates my skin. This is a great time to do my gratitude list, so I breathe deeply and contemplate what I am grateful for. I always finish with my favorite moisturizing combination: EARTH Lotion + a few spritzes of MANDARIN Body Oil for UNREAL hydration and UNZENTED Concreta on my eyes and lips.
  5. SAY NO: It takes effort to opt-out! As the invitations and obligations flood in during the holiday season, I pause to ask myself: Does this add or deplete my energy? Will this place or these people bring me joy? In a society that values constant activity, taking time for yourself is an act of revolution. Don’t be afraid to “miss out” and stay in.
  6. MOVE MY BODY: Getting my heart rate up for at least 30 minutes a day has too many benefits to count. Mentally and physically, I feel better when I move my body in a way that feels good to me. This can be yoga, a hike, working out, or taking a walk. Get that energy aligned and flowing by setting aside some time each day to be active.
  7. BREATHE. BREATHE. BREATHE: In stressful times, the first (and often the only) thing we can control is our BREATH. Healing Breath, or Pranyama, is a life-changing restorative practice that I can do anywhere, at any time. Allow your body to make its own medicine using the power of Pranyama.

I hope some of these tips rejuvenate you during the holidays and may your heart be full, your mind feel peace, and love surround you and all those you love.

With love, peace, and gratitude, 

Cord Coen

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