ZENTS Luxury Body Products Shares Mani-Pedi Secrets from the Pros

Zents Luxury Body Care at home pedicure

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Go ahead… try this at home!

At one time or another we all contend with dry, undernourished hands and feet. It feels amazing to walk out of the spa after a mani or pedi with to-die-for softness that lasts for weeks. Why, then, is it so difficult to get the same results at home?!

We offer you, dear friends, the tricks of the trade at some of the most exclusive spas around the world. With a little guidance from some of the most accomplished nail professionals in the industry, we’ve adapted our rapturous Organic Shea Butter Quench Treatments for your at-home use.    

1 – Soak
Begin with a luxurious warm water hand or foot soak. Dissolve detoxifying ZENTS Bath Salts (1 Tbsp) in the water to soothe overworked muscles and soften the skin. Add ZENTS Shower and Hand Wash (2 pumps) to cleanse and provide a gentle exfoliation with fruit extracts.

2 – Cuticle Treatment
Massage a pea-sized amount of ZENTS Concreta onto cuticles using a circular motion. This acts as a cuticle eliminator and helps hydrate nails to promote healthy nail growth. Push back cuticles.

3 – Clip and Trim

4 – Exfoliate
Prep the skin with a light layer of ZENTS Body Oil elixir. This step is important as it not only protects the skin as you exfoliate, but also provides a superboost of hydration with Vitamin E and jojoba.  Mix ZENTS Bath Salts and Shower & Hand Wash together to create a creamy, skin softening scrub. Increase the strength of the scrub by adding more Salts. For a very gentle exfoliation or for delicate skin use the Wash only.

5 – Hydration Massage
Mix ZENTS Lotion (1 Tbsp) with  ZENTS Massage Oil (1/2 Tbsp) and massage into the skin to hydrate and improve elasticity. (Tip:  smooth Lotion in your hand before pumping Oil.) 

6 – Quench Mask
Apply a thin layer of ZENTS Concreta (Dime Size) over the Lotion and Oil mixture for a deep conditioning organic shea butter infusion.

7 – Warm Wrap
Wrap hands or feet in a very warm, damp towel. This allows the product to penetrate the skin and deliver maximum hydration, and… let’s face it… a whole lot of bliss.  

8 – Polish
Remove any excess product from the nails. Polish and dry.

Now, picture yourself saying these words: “Wait? Am I NOT at the spa??? I can’t believe I did this at home!”