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6 fl oz / 180 ml | $41.00

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Warming & Exotic
ginger, mandarin, cardamom, nutmeg, saffron, vanilla bean

Ultra-hydrating MANDARIN Lotion for hands and body is packed with probiotic peptides to help skin appear more refined, smooth, and youthful. Rich organic shea butter, coconut oil, and lotus impart softness and protect skin from the elements. Hyaluronic acid holds moisture to promote a hydrated, plump, healthy appearance. Use MANDARIN Lotion daily for your softest, sexiest, most beautiful skin.


ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER – Rich emollient that traps moisture, promotes elasticity, protects against sun damage, and fades age spots; sustainably and ethically hand-harvested from an African tree nut
PROBIOTIC | Peptide-rich probiotic helps the skin appear more refined, even and smooth.
HYALURONIC ACID | Holds moisture and strengthens skin’s barrier, to plump and improve damage caused by environmental elements, aging, and a variety of skin conditions like oily skin, sensitive skin, acne, and rosacea.
ORGANIC LOTUS FLOWER | Antioxidant rich lotus flower softens and aids in the appearance of youthful, supple skin
VITAMIN E – Potent antioxidant vitamin, offers a host of benefits when used every day as well as directly after sun exposure; protects skin from cancer-causing free radicals and sun damage, promotes skin cell regeneration, helps wrinkle reduction

ALWAYS: Cruelty Free, Vegan, Gluten Free
NEVER: Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Petroleum, Dyes, Sulfates, Palm Oil

With top notes of succulent mandarin, heart notes of tropical ginger and vanilla bean, and base notes of enchanting cardamom, warm nutmeg, and saffron, this exotic citrus scent is reminiscent of enchanting Oriental spice markets.


Apply ZENTS Lotion to damp skin immediately after your bathing or hand washing ritual. Probiotic peptides and hyaluronic acid attracts and binds moisture to your skin, plumps lines, and hydrates while shea butter traps in moisture, creating a barrier for even longer lasting softness.

Add extra hydration for ultra-dry skin, mature skin, or in dry climates by mixing the Lotion with Body Oil before applying. This gives skin a double dose of Vitamin E, which is particularly effective after sun exposure. Put Lotion in your palm, then spray Oil on top. Mix products in your palms and apply. Finish with an application of Concreta on stubborn dry skin.

Please recycle the box and tube after use.

This Lotion is fully compatible with other scents and products in the ZENTS collection… there is no wrong combination. Some of our favorites:


Massage healers believe the body has the ability to repair itself. They view their vital role as your body’s guide, creating an opening for the restorative process to begin through their healing touch.

Healing Touch Ritual
Open yourself to healing as you practice this glorious touch ritual. Begin immediately after your cleansing routine while skin is still damp. Massage shea butter Lotion into your skin, concentrating on your body’s innate curative power. Feel the soothing warmth of your hands. Envision their magnetism as they draw out and release fatigue, blockages, and impurities from your body. Believe that your abilities are limitless. You are whole, you are beautiful.

7 reviews for MANDARIN lotion

  1. Carol J Gaj

    “Mandarin” is a great scent for summer. The best citrus scent there is. The lotion is soothing and comforting and refreshing all at the same time.

  2. jasondotsonco

    LOVE all the ZENTS products, especially the Mandarin scent in the Attar, Eau De Toilette and lotion. The Mandarin lotion is great for my skin, especially in the Colorado winter. The Lotion helps keep back the dry skin with the Shea Butter, Probiotics and Lotus Flower Properties. even in the coldest weather. I use it on my hands, arms, feet, legs and shoulders. It also works well with the Body Oil and Concreta. Quickly gets rid of dry crack, and ruff skin. Highly recommend and works great the body oil.


    I first discovered the Mandarin scent at the spa of a resort where we vacationed in Arizona. I usually love a fresh, citrus scent, but the Mandarin also has a depth that is warmer and a little bit spicy. I love to use the lotion before bed, and find the scent to be very relaxing. It has become part of my ritual.

  4. amy-8890 (verified owner)

    I purchased this lotion because I fell in love with this line after visiting the Woodstock Inn in Vermont. I applied it before going to bed and when I woke up I was shocked at how it transformed my skin. This lotion, especially when combined with the oil, left my skin amazingly soft. The scent is warm, subtle and pleasant.

    (Please replace my previous review with this one. I accidentally submitted without proofreading)

  5. lateboomer_059 (verified owner)

    I have used this Mandarin body cream for a number of years now (having first purchased it at a spa in the States) and love its warm, delicate scent. It is one of my favourite fragrances to use and layering it with the body oil and the roll on Attar perfume (after showering with the body wash and shampooing as well) makes it a heavenly experience!

  6. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Another great scent by Zents; this one I find to be quite energizing with the citrus and the spices. The texture of their lotions is heavenly – not greasy at all and so luxurious. I feel like I am pampering myself every time I use it.

  7. sjn55803 (verified owner)

    Wonderfully thick moisturizing lotion, with the amazing scent – Mandarin orange that has a little bit of a peppery zing to it. I adore this scent and the thick lotion keeps hands hydrated with just a couple of applications a day. Also it is good to use as a body lotion. Five stars

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