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Introducing ANTARA, a brand new collection of CBD body care and elixirs to balance and soothe the body and mind with the finest in locally sourced organic ingredients and pure, potent plant power. Discover the full collection on our new ANTARA website.


zents body oil

Find your Summer Glow

Summer weather is here - and the last thing we want is to feel weighed down! Replenish sun-soaked skin with our light, spray formula Body Oil, featuring coconut oil and Vitamin E. Available in ten scents, or unscented.


Welcome to the World of ZENTS

Discover the story of ZENTS, a luxurious line of hydrating, healing and ultra gentle bodycare featuring ten mindful aromas that leave a healing imprint. Beautiful when worn alone and magnificent when combined to create your own personalized aroma.


Luxury Bodycare
for the Purist

UNZENTED is a line of rich yet gentle body care designed especially for: Sensitive skin, scent sensitivities, moms-to-be & children, people who prefer unscented products and those with cancer and other health challenges. And if you prefer your own scent, UNZENTED won’t clash with your favorite perfume. All of our products are infused with Zen Blend, a proprietary blend of stress-busting flower essences.