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SUN lotion

6 fl oz / 180 ml | $41.00

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Calming & Sensual
vanilla, sandalwood, blood orange, grapefruit, amber

Ultra-hydrating SUN Lotion for hands and body is packed with probiotic peptides to help skin appear more refined, smooth, and youthful. Rich organic shea butter, coconut oil, and lotus impart softness and protect skin from the elements. Hyaluronic acid holds moisture to promote a hydrated, plump, healthy appearance. Use SUN Lotion daily for your softest, sexiest, most beautiful skin.


ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER – Rich emollient that traps moisture, promotes elasticity, protects against sun damage, and fades age spots; sustainably and ethically hand-harvested from an African tree nut
PROBIOTIC | Peptide-rich probiotic helps the skin appear more refined, even and smooth.
HYALURONIC ACID | Holds moisture and strengthens skin’s barrier, to plump and improve damage caused by environmental elements, aging, and a variety of skin conditions like oily skin, sensitive skin, acne, and rosacea.
ORGANIC LOTUS FLOWER | Antioxidant rich lotus flower softens and aids in the appearance of youthful, supple skin
VITAMIN E – Potent antioxidant vitamin, offers a host of benefits when used every day as well as directly after sun exposure; protects skin from cancer-causing free radicals and sun damage, promotes skin cell regeneration, helps wrinkle reduction

ALWAYS: Cruelty Free, Vegan, Gluten Free
NEVER: Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Petroleum, Dyes, Sulfates, Palm Oil

A top note of luxurious French vanilla, heart notes of sweet blood orange and pink grapefruit, and base notes of sultry sandalwood and golden amber make this scent warm and sensuous, like the feeling of being home.


Apply ZENTS Lotion to damp skin immediately after your bathing or hand washing ritual. Probiotic peptides and hyaluronic acid attracts and binds moisture to your skin, plumps lines, and hydrates while shea butter traps in moisture, creating a barrier for even longer lasting softness.

Add extra hydration for ultra-dry skin, mature skin, or in dry climates by mixing the Lotion with Body Oil before applying. This gives skin a double dose of Vitamin E, which is particularly effective after sun exposure. Put Lotion in your palm, then spray Oil on top. Mix products in your palms and apply. Finish with an application of Concreta on stubborn dry skin.

Please recycle the box and tube after use.

This Lotion is fully compatible with other scents and products in the ZENTS collection… there is no wrong combination. Some of our favorites:


Massage healers believe the body has the ability to repair itself. They view their vital role as your body’s guide, creating an opening for the restorative process to begin through their healing touch.

Healing Touch Ritual
Open yourself to healing as you practice this glorious touch ritual. Begin immediately after your cleansing routine while skin is still damp. Massage shea butter Lotion into your skin, concentrating on your body’s innate curative power. Feel the soothing warmth of your hands. Envision their magnetism as they draw out and release fatigue, blockages, and impurities from your body. Believe that your abilities are limitless. You are whole, you are beautiful.

19 reviews for SUN lotion

  1. Nofar E. (verified owner)

    Very hydrating, amazing smell, calms the skin and makes it so soft! I’m in love with the sun smell, it’s sweet and the vanilla aroma is amazing.
    My favorite lotion to put after a good shower.

  2. Tami

    The Sun scented lotion has been my favorite since I first tried it in a salon almost 10 years ago! The scent is not like anything else and is very calming to me, the lotion is very silky and not at all oily. I always ask for Sun for any gift giving occasion!

  3. Carol J Gaj (verified owner)

    About 10 years ago, I developed a severe skin condition. I looked online for products that could work for me and found ZENTS. “Sun” was the first scent I tried and I have been ordering ZENTS products ever since. Sun lotion is so comforting and soothing. The scent is utterly unique, hard to describe. Calming, like a light blanket. I have gifted ZENTS to many friends over the years, and they have, like me, become devotees. Thank you, Cord, for these products.

  4. Natalie Godzik (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful lotion, with hydration That is superb, not too heavy and not too light. A wonderful fragrance. It actually combines very nicely with many other fragrances or fantastic on its own. I like to use this after a bath or shower and occasionally alternate with the spray son oil. Great product!

  5. Molly Sullivan (verified owner)

    I absolutely love Zents! The resort I work at uses them in our spa and that’s how I found out about this company! The first thing I bought was the Sun lotion and it smells absolutely divine! I now own several products and they make great gifts for friends! My friends and I are hooked and we use them everyday!

  6. beverlybrimer (verified owner)

    I was on vacation several years ago and ran out of lotion. I went into the little shop where we were staying and fell in love a first smell with the lotion. I have been hooked ever since.

  7. beverlybrimer (verified owner)

    There are not enough adjectives to describe Sun lotion – perfect!

  8. Keri Hayes

    Can you say butta ?!? Seriously the smoothest, best hydration – non sticky feeling from a lotion!! Get this you will love it!

  9. Sharon Trostle

    I purchased it at a spa while vacationing recently, and it’s absolutely divine. The scent is amazing, and it makes my skin feel smooth and soft. It absorbs well. Love it!

  10. Karol funch

    One of my favorites

  11. lish.alderson

    One of my favorites! And my favorite scent! All of these products are simply amazing.

  12. xtinam97 (verified owner)

    I love the SUN scent – it’s solid in the lotion and lasts a long time, but I don’t find the lotion to be as moisturizing as I’d like. I think I just need a body butter instead.

  13. jltullyspring (verified owner)

    Just received this today. I bought because of the special 20% off and I am glad I did. This is only the second scent I have tried. The scent is very subtle and light. I like it. I can’t wait to try all the scents.

  14. GINA MARRANO (verified owner)

    Love the way this makes my skin feel and LOVE the scent!

  15. Robin Gifford (verified owner)

    Sun is a perfect scent for summer, it’s not over powering, and Zents lotion is awesome

  16. Valery Staskey (verified owner)

    Sun lotion is a tube of creamy goodness. It’s the best lotion that I’ve ever purchased. It glides on, especially with a few squirts of sun oil, and leaves my hands, arms or legs beautifully hydrated. I’d love to be able to purchase it more often!

  17. jcruzcarbonell

    Sun is definitely my favorite scent as others have mentioned it is very calming. I have dry skin and this lotion has made my skin silky smooth. I first tried it in a spa in Palm Springs and I fell in love with it. It is creamy, the scent lingers and it does not leave you feeling greasy. I definitely recommend it.

  18. [email protected] (verified owner)

    After discovering Zents in a spa, I have not used any other body products. The Sun fragrance is my favorite because it’s light and is nice alone or easily layers with the other fragrances. This lotion is a part of my daily body care ritual!

  19. kristin battenfield

    This lotion is the best! Super hydrating and it’s also my favorite Zent fragrance: SUN. It’s like summer in a bottle but you can use it all year!

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